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    Terms and Conditions

    Gift Registry

    These terms and conditions apply to you if you have created a gift registry on one of our websites, apps or in one of our stores. The creator of a gift registry must read these terms and conditions together with our Online Shopping Terms and Conditions and our Website and App Terms of Use.
    If you are buying a gift via one of our websites or apps for someone who has created a gift registry with us, our Online Shopping Terms and Conditions apply to you and, if applicable, the terms and conditions of your TFG credit facility.
    In the event that your registry includes goods from one of our third party providers who have teamed up with us to sell their goods on any TFG website or app, please note that the relevant third party provider’s terms and conditions will apply to delivery, exchanges and returns, so please refer to their website or contact our Customer Services at 0860 834 834 for more information. We rely on the information provided to us by our third party providers regarding the availability of their stock. We are not liable for any inaccuracies in the information supplied to us.
    Your registry may include @home furniture, but note that our specific terms and conditions regarding furniture apply. Please see the sections related to furniture in our Online Shopping Terms and Conditions
    When you create your gift registry, you have an option to specify a delivery address and date for the delivery of your gifts. Please do not set your event venue as the delivery address unless you, or a nominated person, will be able to take delivery on the specified date and time. The persons who have purchased the gifts from the registry will cover the cost of delivery. Please refer to the delivery section in our Online Shopping Terms and Conditions for more information about delivery of goods
    We will always try to deliver all the goods purchased and allocated to your registry at the same time, but some goods may be delivered separately if it is not available at the time of dispatch, particularly during sale periods and high demand periods like Christmas and Black Friday. Some goods may also be delivered before your event date.
    Your gift registry automatically closes 6 weeks after the date of your event. After that date, you cannot make any changes to your gift registry.
    Any duplicate items received as gift registry purchases may be exchanged for items of the same value. To reduce the potential duplicates, please ensure that your guests allocate their purchases to your gift registry. Please refer to our Online Shopping Terms and Conditions for our full policy on refunds and exchanges and categories of goods that cannot be returned or exchanged.
    You may make changes to the items or quantities of items on your gift registry, provided that the items that you want to change have not yet been purchased.
    Certain items are seasonal, so we may only have stock of it for a limited period of time. To avoid disappointment, we suggest that you add these items to your gift registry at least 6 weeks prior to your event date.