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    Terms and Conditions

    Egift Cards

    By purchasing or using a TFG eGift Card, you accept the terms and conditions set out below.
    eGift Cards can be purchased with cash (cash, credit card, debit card) or on a TFG account, either in-store or online (online purchases are currently only available in South Africa).
    eGift Cards can be purchased and redeemed at any of the following TFG stores (if available in your country): @home, @homelivingspace, American Swiss, Anatomy, Archive, Charles & Keith, Colette, Donna, Duesouth, Duesouth Escapes, Exact, Fabiani, The FIX, Foschini, G-Star Raw, hi, Markham, Mat & May, Next, Relay Jeans, Soda Bloc, sportscene, Sterns or Totalsports.
    eGift Cards can only be redeemed in the country where they were issued.
    eGift Cards are currently only available in South Africa, Namibia and Zambia.
    eGift Cards cannot be redeemed online in Namibia and Zambia.
    No discounts of any nature whatsoever apply to eGift Cards, i.e. you must pay the full value of the eGift Card you are purchasing.
    Plastic store Gift cards, which are not eGift cards, are not redeemable online.
    Any value can be loaded onto an eGift Card, subject to the following minimum and maximum amounts:
    • In South Africa, a minimum amount of R50.00 (fifty Rand) must be loaded, and the maximum amount that can be loaded is R5,000.00 (five thousand Rand);
    • In Zambia, a minimum amount is ZMW 30 (thirty Kwacha) must be loaded, and the maximum amount that can be loaded is ZMW3 500 (three thousand five hundred Kwacha);
    • In Namibia, a minimum amount of N$50.00 (fifty Namibian Dollars) must be loaded, and the maximum amount that can be loaded is N$5 000.00 (five thousand Namibian Dollars).
    eGift Cards cannot be used to reduce an outstanding balance on a TFG account.
    Change for any value remaining on an eGift Card after redeeming it, will not be given.
    The purchase of an eGift Card cannot be refunded i.e. you cannot change your mind about purchasing an eGift Card once the sale has been concluded.
    A voucher cannot be used to purchase an eGift Card.
    eGift Cards can be redeemed in conjunction with a voucher when making a purchase online or in-store.
    eGift Cards can be used in full or for part payment of goods which you buy in-store or online.
    If a store is offline, you will not be able to purchase or redeem an eGift card.
    eGift Card purchase and redemption transactions cannot be reversed.
    eGift Cards cannot be exchanged for cash
    eGift Cards are treated as cash and therefore any lost or stolen eGift cards will not be replaced. If your eGift Card is lost or stolen, you must report this at your closest TFG store or call Customer Services (number below). The eGift Card will be blocked immediately and will only be replaced if the value on the eGift Card has not yet been redeemed.
    eGift Cards will expire 3 years after the date that they have been loaded.
    To check your eGift Card balance, call 0860 834 834 or click here (link to online balance enquiry). Non-SA countries can call +27 21 938 7096.
    TFG is not liable for any lost or stolen eGift Cards once purchased.
    When you use your eGift Card, the amount of your purchase will be deducted from the balance on the eGift Card.
    All refunds of goods purchased with an eGift Card will be made in accordance with TFG’s refund policy. Any refunded amount will be credited to an eGift Card and will not be given to you in cash. Click here for our Refund Policy.
    These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice and you will bound to any changes made.