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Menís jewellery has always symbolised power and status, but over the last century or so, fashion trends have taken a rather tame approach, limiting adornment of the male body to a wristwatch and (possibly) a wedding band. But this is all changing. If your guy still believes that jewellery is un-macho, then heís being left behind.

These days, men are more comfortable with adornment, and fashion icons like David Beckham and P. Diddy wear jewellery with pride.

Bracelets, for instance, are no longer for women only, and now your man can sport a stylish, snug-fitting chain around his wrist, confident that it will add a certain sensuality to his character.

Rings, worn on any finger, including the thumb, have also become a very trendy accessory. Titanium rings are popular because they go well with any colour. Even wedding bands need not be the traditional plain yellow gold, as men can choose from a range of different metals and designs.

Still, when it comes to neckwear, thereís a fine line between sophisticated and over-doing it. Leave gold medallion-style chains to the rock stars or Mafiosi. The modern man can add style to his look with simple designs like the Figaro chains in gold, silver or platinum, which are elegant without being distracting.

Finally, the essential accessory for every man is a good wristwatch Ė itís an investment. You get what you pay for, so donít hesitate to spend a little extra: a watch makes a statement about who you are and where youíre going. Choose from our range of La Montrť Vivre watches exclusive to Galaxy and Co and make sure heís sending out the right message.

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